recipes from The Semisweet Hereafter

recipes included in every Chocolate Whisperer cozy mysteryWant bonus chocolate recipes? They’re yours when you pick up or download your copy of The Semisweet Hereafter today.

Find out how to make…

  • double chocolate stout cookies
  • strawberry-chocolate Eton mess
  • Goldie’s chocolate sticky toffee pudding cake
  • chocolate Bakewell tart

Chocolate recipes and tips are included in every Chocolate Whisperer cozy mystery!

p.s. — Tell us your favorite way to eat chocolate and help us bring you even better recipes.

chocolate hazelnut spread & a chocolate quiz by Colette London

What if…you could eat chocolate all day?

One of my favorite things about writing a chocolate-themed cozy mystery series is (not surprisingly) all the chocolate! While dreaming up new adventures for Hayden Mundy Moore, my chocolate expert turned amateur sleuth, I spend weeks immersed in all the delectable flavors and aromas of Theobroma cacao. This (naturally) leads to eating a lot of chocolate. Chocolate chip cookies! Chocolate cake! Chocolate gelato! Nothing wrong with that, right?

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excerpt from Dangerously Dark

Chapter One

You should probably know one thing about me right up front: I’m not a morning person. Never have been, never will be. If it’s too early for traffic jams, tequila, and at least fifty percent of the taxi drivers in any given metropolis to be plying their trade, then it’s too early for me. End of story. But sometimes I have to make exceptions. Doesn’t everyone?

The fact of the matter is, I don’t always set my own hours. Sometimes, my clients do that for me. That’s because I’m a freelancer—a freelance chocolate whisperer. You might not have heard of me. I’m the first of my kind. My clients would probably prefer you don’t know I exist. But I definitely do. Continue reading

excerpt from Criminal Confections

Chapter One

You probably already know not to eat French fries with your fingers in Chile, not to shake hands across a threshold in Russia, and to always sit in the backseat of a taxi (never up front with the driver) if you’re a woman traveling solo in Costa Rica. But you might not know that ordinary chocolate contains over five hundred unique flavor components—more than twice that of vanilla or strawberry. You might not know that you should let your next bite of chocolate melt on your tongue (don’t chew it!) for the ultimate flavor experience. And you might not know that the most chocolaty chocolate mousse is made with high-quality chocolate and water (not cream). Not many people do—not even the restaurateurs, TV chefs, and chocolate-company executives who hire me to troubleshoot their Theobroma cacao cookies, cakes, and confections. Continue reading